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Keybank Vermont City Marathon 2013

Karen Pike Photography
The 25th anniversary Keybank Vermont City marathon was held in Burlington Sunday and there were as many umbrellas as there were running shoes!

Security was a little tighter, a moment of silence was held to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon, and the crazy weather added a bit of drama to the event, but all in all, it was an awesome, amazing, inspiring and unforgettable day and the rain didn’t dampen the spirirts of either the runners or the crowd cheering them on!!!

Karen Pike Photography

I really need to get a huge plug in here for RunVermont, not only because they are my client, but also because they are an amazing group of people who do amazing things for the Vermont running community. Started in 1989 as Vermont City Marathon, Inc., RunVermont has grown into a year round organization that holds many events and programs including the Run, the Ready, Set, Run! youth program, a Sport & Fitness Expo, the Half Unplugged and much more. So, THANK YOU RunVERMONT for all that you do to promote healthy living in our state!

Karen Pike Photography

I was able to get along the course in ways I hadn’t in the past because I had the help of a true (or crazy) friend, Erik Freeman, and his trusty motorcycle.The result is an album for RunVermont that includes pictures from the North end to the south end, the bike Path, Church Street and then onto the finish line.

Karen Pike Photography
I’ve put together a fun slideshow that recaps the day with lots of great moments. The soundtrack? What else could I choose but “Who’ll Stop The Rain”. Enjoy the show, which is in FLASH, so you’ll need to put down the Ipad or IPHONE and find a laptop. (Please send all complaints to APPLE CUSTOMER SERVICE).

If you’d like to see all the photos from Sunday’s marathon , as well as pictures from all of the RunVermont hosted events held throughout the weekend, please CLICK HERE. All pictures are available for order- both prints and digital downloads.

Karen Pike Photography

NOTE ABOUT SLIDESHOW:I’ve received several emails from clients and followers lately, telling me that they cant get the music to play on any of my blog slideshows. UGH!

After doing some research, I found out that Adobe has an active bug report listed on their site for their latest version of FLASH PLAYER (version 11.7) and they will hopefully fix the issue shortly.

So, while we wait for Adobe to fix Flash Player with a NEW update, the only option, if you are using version 11.7, is to revert to Flash Player 11.6, which you can download HERE.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Karen Pike photography

Erik and I on his bike, maneuvering our way along the marathon course