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Karen and Justin’s E session

As I race to leave for the airport for vacation, all I can think about is getting Karen and Justin’s E session photos blogged so their family and friends can enjoy them… this may be short and sweet… but these pictures of this beautiful couple need no words. They are a love story, and it shows in every frame! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding this summer.

I hope you enjoy this slideshow to the totally fun The Bird and the Bee remake of “I’m into something Good

If you’d like to see all the photos from Karen and Justin’s E session, click HERE (but you’ll need to get the password from the couple!


One Comment

  1. Cynthia Greco says:

    Just beautiful! Just like the two of you!

    Great photography of 2 very photogenic people!

    I enjoyed viewing the pics and am looking forward to the wedding.

    Love, Aunt Cinny

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