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Portrait Sessions

Bald and Beautiful

An old acquaintance called me recently to have some new family portraits taken. I hadn’t heard from her in a while, so I asked what she’d been up to and the answer was the one you hate to hear: Breast Cancer.

Suzanne has spent the last year dealing with Chemo and radiation and holding it together for her family. And the portraits were to celebrate her completion of treatment, her clean bill of health and her Sinead O’Connor hair style!

We had a great afternoon in the studio and I just have to show a few of them here because she’s so beautiful. Congratulations, Suzanne. I hope these pictures always remind you of how strong and courageous you are.

Roller Derby Brides-To-Be

I met skaters BRUISE CONTROL and NOTORIOUS B.O.T when I photographed the Green Mountain Derby Dames April Bout. BUT, two weeks later, they walked into my studio as Jaime and Nicole and asked me to shoot their wedding next September!

It has been so fun getting to know them both (AND their alter egos), but whoever they portray themselves on any given day, one thing is for sure: these women are MADLY in love. We had a ball doing their engagement session last week and I smile ear-to-ear when I look at the photos from the day–Both women are beautiful and, as a couple, they are funny, playful, sexy, tough, and have a glorious and unique view of this crazy world. I’m so happy to be part of their journey and already know that their wedding will be one of my favorites of all time!

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Here’s my favorite slideshow yet…

If you’d like to see all of the photos from Jaime and Nicole’s E Session, get the password from them and then click HERE.

Holly and Sarah’s Mountain Top wedding

Holly and Sarah were married last week at Mountain Top Inn and Resort in Chittenden, Vt. It was a beautiful day, just overcast enough to bring out all of the rich colors of the surroundings. This lovely couple traveled to the Green Mountains along with their immediate families to take advantage of Vermont’s Marriage Equality Law. They leave Vermont united holy matrimony, in both love and spirit, though with a marriage license not recognized in their home state. Hopefully, one day that will change. Congratulations, Holly and Sarah, and have a wonderful life together– Love will prevail!!!

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If you’d like to see all of the photos from Holly and Sarah’s wedding, please click HERE. This is a password protected gallery, so call Holly and Sarah for the pass code!

Mariesa and Jon

Mariesa and Jon are about the nicest couple you could ever meet. First of all, Mariesa’s laugh is infectious- and you can’t spend two minutes with them without smiling and laughing along with them both. Lu, the dog, is adorable and the three together make up the perfect family! We decided that their engagement session should be a miniature tour of where they met and fell in love. Mariesa was working at Pac Sun and Jon was finishing up college at UVM. They met through friends and found out that they lived about eight houses away from each other, both across the street from Battery Park.

We started our tour with a walk on Church Street, taking a necessary stop at one of their old stomping grounds-Ken’s Pizza. From there, it was onto Pac Sun, the waterfront, Battery Park and a visit to both their old homes. Two hours later, and after hundreds of pictures and lots of laughter, I said goodbye to Mariesa and Jon (and Lu) until their wedding on August 8th. It will definitely be one of the summer’s finest, as the event is at Mountain Top Resort in Chittenden, with one of the most picture perfect vistas in the state! OOh, I love what I do!

(Make sure you watch the video slide show after the teaser photos. It’s the smile you need today-with one of my favorite songs by BeeBee and CeeCee!!!!)

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If you’d like to see all of the photos from Mariesa and Jon’s Engagement session, or if you’d like to order prints, please click HERE. This is a password-protected gallery, so you’ll need to get the pass code from the couple.

Mary and Mindy

Mary and Mindy have been together for 22 years! They, along with their two dogs, Jovi and Nikko, are already a family and living a beautiful life in New Hampshire. But now, with the recent passing of the New Hampshire Marriage Equality Act, these two lovebirds are finally getting hitched! I will be shooting their wedding next July in New Hampshire and last week the family made the 90 minute trip to Burlington for their engagement session.

Since we didnt want to traumatize the pups–both loveable rescue dogs, of course!- we decided to spend a couple of hours in the park, just enjoying the sunshine and the sounds of spring. It was such a fun afternoon annd Jovi and Niko had a ball! To Mary and Mindy: You are both awesome and I can’t wait to watch you exchanging your vows…And I’ll keep an eye on you on Facebook to see how the wedding plans are coming!











If you’d like to see all of the photos from Mindy and Mary’s E session, or place a print order, please click HERE. This is a password-protected gallery, so you’ll need the pass code from the brides-to-be!

Lindsay and Matt go back to college!

I had so much fun this weekend with Lindsay and Matt, who’s wedding I am photographing next September. We met for their engagement session at the Middlebury Congo church, the site of their ceremony and then after a quick change at the Middlebury Inn, they took me on a tour of Middlebury college, where they met and fell in love. It was raining just enough that we needed umbrellas, which only added to the romance and sexiness of the day.

We made our way to the falls at Marble Works, and then around campus, from the student union to the library to their freshman dorm! They relived their blossoming romance with me, and all along, I made pictures of them that I hope gives justice to their story.

I adore the slideshow at the end of the blog post, so please watch it so you too can see how lovely and in love Matt and Lindsay are. They are beautiful and I can’t wait for the wedding!


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Here’s the slideshow of our day:

If you’d like to see all the photos from Lindsay and Matt’s Engagement session, please click here. It’s a password protected gallery, so contact the couple for the code!

Natalie and Brett’s E session

On August 28, 2010, I’ll be photographing Natalie and Brett’s wedding, so last week they drove up from NJ to Vermont for their Engagement photo session and brought along  their two dogs, a spirited Weimaraner named Hayley and a puppy-like Maltese named Gizmo.  All Natalie wanted was a snowy wonderland as a backdrop for their photos. As it turned out, they probably should have stayed in New Jersey.

Still, we had a great time doing some studio portraits, romping around the Flynn Dog gallery space and then, finally,  we headed over to Burlington Country Club, the only place I knew that still had some snow. The dogs got some excersise and the lovebirds got their outdoorsy photos and everyone was happy.

Congratulations, Natalie and Brett. I can’t wait to see how beautiful you both look on your wedding day!

























I hope you enjoy this short video slideshow of our afternoon…

Favorite Portrait of the week

I had a few great portrait sessions last week, but by far, my favorite was a woman in Jericho and her two horses.  I turned this one portrait into a really nice wall hanging for her and I thought I’d share…horse for blog

Emily and Mike’s E session

Hold the presses…Emily and Mike are getting married in four days at the Calvin Coolidge Homestead in Plymouth Notch and just this afternoon we squeeked in an Engagement portrait session. I was so happy to finally meet them and to get to spend some time together before Saturday’s wedding. It was a quick shoot, as Emily had to race back to Southern Vermont for a hair appointment, but love was in the air and I adore almost every picture I took.

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I’ve just learned that when you view my blog with the browser “Explorer 8”, all of my photos look squished and distorted. So, until I figure this out and correct the issue, please do the following:

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