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Jake & Allie’s E Session

After almost two years engaged, Jake and Allie are finally getting married this May and I am thrilled to be the lucky photographer for this awesome and long awaited celebration.


I first met this super sweet couple in my role as “chick clicker”, photographing for the Green Mountain Derby Dames. Their neighbors Bruise and Bot” were both Derby skaters and Jake and Allie were supportive fans, so I’d see them at every bout.


Recently, on a kinda-sorta-cold March Saturday, we spent a few hours together, and I got to know them better as a couple. We started at their apartment in Burlington, where they live with their dog and 2 cats and hundreds of books ( so many that their main book shelf reminded me of the Leaning Tower of Pisa!)


Animal crazy as I am, I had to keep my attention on the engaged couple, but I couldn’t help incorporating the furry babies into at least a few pictures…


We later visited a few of their favorite haunts–the waterfront, Fletcher Free library and Speeder and Earl’s on Pine Street, and I love the pictures I took of them along the way.




Here’s a totally fun slideshow recapping my afternoon with Jake and Allie, accompanied by the equally-as-fun tune, Uh Oh, I’m Falling , by Shelley Fraley. Since the slideshow is in FLASH, you’ll need to leave your IPAD and find a laptop so you can view it (sorry! Im working on it!!)

If you’d like to see all of the photos from Jake and Allie‘s E session, grab the secret password from the couple and THEN you can just click HERE


Katie and Lauren’s E session

Katie and Lauren are getting married next June and I had the chance recently to take a few hours with them and do their engagement portrait season.

I love doing E sessions because it allows me to spend quality time with a couple and get to know them, instead of just showing up like a stranger to photograph their wedding.

During this great afternoon with the couple, I learned how playful they are with each other, how they both love funky old art and “sexy ugly” buildings! I learned that Lauren hates getting her sneakers dirty and that Katie likes to tease her about it. I also learned that Katie runs “like a girl” and that Lauren likes to tease HER about THAT!

Katie is all about cute shoes and dresses and red wine and making you laugh. Lauren is flannel shirts, a cold draft and nurturing those she loves (and most definitely Katie!) They go together like two puzzle pieces- custom made to fit perfectly!

I’m so glad that I had the chance to experience the love that this couple shares and now I can’t wait to photograph their wedding and witness their joy on that day.

As a funny bonus, their E shoot took place on Halloween eve and we came across King Arthur and his knights on their quest for the Holy Grail–so Lauren and Katie joined them for a photo op!

Here are some highlights from Katie and Lauren’s fun engagement session:

If you’d like to see all of Katie and Lauren’s pictures, please click HERE (but get the password from the couple!)

Suzie and Joni’s Romantic Vermont Wedding

I dont often meet real-life “cowgirls”, but I think I have to put Suzie and Joni in that category. They came to Vermont to get married all the way from Cheyenne, Wyoming, complete with cowboy boys and two huge hats (maybe not 10-gallon, but pretty darn impressive!)

Their Southern charm was infectious, as was their obvious love for each other and their desire to be legally united. Though their marriage will not be recognized by their home state, here in the great state of Vermont–and certainly forever in their hearts–their union is considered both valid and precious. I was honored to bear witness to their exchange of wedding vows and their declaration of love.

It was one of those overcast Fall days, a little soggy, but the color was gorgeous and Grunberg Haus, a romantic Austrian style bed and breakfast in Waterbury, was a perfect setting for their intimate ceremony (just them and their JP and the innkeeper!).

The service was all of ten minutes, after which the couple drank champagne, ate cake and danced to an playlist on their Iphone. From there, it was to be a celebratory dinner at Michael’s on the Hill (yum!) and then a couple of more days of Vermont R&R, before heading back to Wyoming as Mrs. and Mrs!

Here’s a super fun, 3.5 minute slideshow, accompanied by the awesome SHeDAISY, performing Good Together:

If you’d like to see all of Suzie and Joni’s wedding day photos, please click HERE (this is a password protected gallery go get the password from the couple)

Congratulation, Joni and Suzie. and a special YAHOO to both of you!

Brandy and Jennifer’s wedding

Brandy and Jennifer came all the way from Texas to a rented cottage in Craftsbury, Vermont to share their wedding vows and be legally married. It was an intimate affair-just the couple and their chaplain, Kim Nolan- amidst some gorgeous Vermont foliage and a few rain drops.

It was a gorgeous spot, tucked away down a long dirt road, about 10 minutes from Craftsbury Commons and these two Southern gals were thrilled with our Northern hospitality. The cottage owners left them with all kinds of yummy Vermont products and a full barrel of fire wood for the stove in the cozy living room.

The porch was decorated for the ceremony, complete with family photos, gorgeous flowers and a unity candle. It was a short and VERY sweet ceremony and then it was time for champagne and cake and then a fun portrait session.

I hope you enjoy this slideshow from Brandy and Jennifer’s celebration, accompanied by TJ McCloud‘s acoustic version of “Always Will Be Yours”:


If you’d like to see all of Brandy and Jennifer’s wedding photos, please click HERE

Katie and Barbie’s Lake George Wedding

Katie and Barbie were married in Lake George last month, at a venue I have never been-the Fort William Henry Hotel & Conference Center.

It’s a large resort in the Andirondacks, right next to the Fort William Henry, which, I learned, commanded the southern end of Lake George from November 1755 to August 1757. The Fort’s history is short but its final tumultuous days were retold in the “Last of the Mohicans” by James Fenimore Cooper. Anyway, it’s a very cool place and a really fun and funky town!

The brides both wore long white gowns, though very different from each other, reflecting their unique styles and personalities. And to the delight of–and giggling from– friends and family, Barbie wore her signature Black sunglasses along with her dress!


There were so many little details that the couple implemented and the hotel staff really outdid themselves in making the banquet hall look warm and inviting. The colors of the day–Purple and green– looked fresh and fun, just like Katie and Barbie!

I do like this picture of the bridesmaids before the ceremony:

I now pronounce you… Married!

They are such a sweet couple. I just loved watching them smile all day and how happy they were to finally be legally married!

OK, there is no way I could resist using the canon as a prop in at least some of the “formal portraits.”

Introduced as “Mrs and Mrs” for the first time…

And the first dance…

It makes my heart sing…

I have so much darn fun with these glasses as wedding!

How great when the bridal couple does a “costume change” during the reception. It makes for a whole new set of pictures!

Here’s a really fun slideshow looking back at Katie and Barbie’s Celebration (using their FIRST DANCE song, “A Thousand Years” sung by Christina Perri):

If you’d like to see all of the pictures from the couple’s wedding day, click HERE (This is a password-protected gallery, so it’s for their friends and family only)

Mattison and Jill’s GRAND wedding

Jill and Mattison were married last month at the Grand Isle lake House and I’m so excited to finally get this wedding on my blog! This celebration was a long time coming, as Mattison had proposed to Jill countless times over the years and finally, SHE SAID YES! This became Mattison’s mantra during their next 12 months of wedding planning.

Look at these gorgeous rings from Von Bargen’s by designer Todd Reed.

Everything at the Grand Isle Lake House was perfect- as always- and all of the food by Executive chef Sheryl Eddy was as beautiful as it was delicious. Dinner at The Lake House is a foodie paradise (And I am a big time foodie!)

Jill and Mattison both looked elegant in their white summer outfits and Jill carried a stunning bouquet of flowers by Gwen and Minner Hobbs at Flowers In Season. (the table centerpieces for also jaw dropping!) Gorgeous hair and makeup were done by friends Shelby Ferland and Ashley Black.

The ceremony was heartfelt from beginning to end. As Jill walked from the front of the inn to meet her betrothed and continue on down the aisle together, Mattison and all of the guests serenaded her with Train’s “Marry Me”. Accompanying the group on guitar was the talented John Sochin (who also performed during the cocktail hour!)

Oh, how I love doing the big group portrait!

The cocktail hour and dinner was fun, funny and festive– Everyone had a ball and the laughter and smiles were infectious!

I took Mattison and Jill down to the beach after dinner to take advantage of the beautiful end-of-the-day light.

It was over 90 degrees, even in the shade, and guests kept as cool as possible outside with the supplied parasols and fans. Once inside and dancing to the great songs played by DJ Rob Douglas, the sweat started to pour and everyone just embraced the heat and let themselves go. It was a great party (and probably- once my camera and I were gone- some late night skinny dipping to cool off!)

I love to travel with fun props and my favorite MOBILE FRAME for some giggle pictures.

Mattison’s SHE SAID YES banner hung from the cupcake table for a final reminder to all! The Cake and Cupcakes were made by Liane Mendez of Let’s Pretend Catering and they were AMAZING!!

Here’s a super fun slideshow of Jill and Mattison’s wonderful wedding day, to a mashup of Train‘s Marry Me and Ingrid Michaelson‘s Everybody:

If you’d like to see all of the photos from Mattison and Jill’s GRAND wedding, please click HERE (password available from the wedding couple)

Much love to you both, Mattison and Jill, and congratulations!

Helen and Toni’s Wedding (and 25th anniversary!)

Helen and Toni have been a couple for 25 years… So, what better a way to celebrate that milestone than to get married!

Yup, these two southern belles– accompanied by about 25 of their closest friends and family– traveled from Kentucky to Woodstock, Vermont for their long awaited LEGAL exchange of marriage vows.

It was a gorgeous June day and the ceremony took place on the front lawn of the enchanting Woodstock Inn. It was short and sweet (very sweet!) and then it was time to get down to the business of celebrating– not just the wedding day, but also 25 wonderful years of love and joy together.

A very happy matron of honor:

The flower girls were too cute for words!

They just had to do it! :)

Here’s a really fun video slideshow recapping Helen and Toni’s celebratory day:

If you’d like to see all of the pictures from Toni and Helen’s Woodstock wedding celebration, please click HERE (and be sure and ask the brides for the secret password to the gallery)

(check out the m&m artwork below!)

Jill and Mattison’s E session

Mattison and Jill were engaged on Valentine’s Day 2011 and are getting married in July at the gorgeous Grand Isle Lake House. I asked Jill to tell me the story of Mattison’s proposal and she answered, “which one?!” Apparently, there have been several over the 12 years since their love story began and she finally said “yes“. It’s not that Jill doesn’t ADORE Mattison, or that she doesn’t love sharing their beautiful South Hero home, their three dogs and their and committed life together; she just wasn’t sure about the word “marriage”. Then Mattison showed her some ring designs by an amazing jeweler–and I guess that did the trick. Diamonds are a girls best friend, ya’ know!

I got to know this beautiful and engaging couple through our mutual love of watching women’s roller derby and about the time I became “Chick Clicker” for the Green Mountain Derby Dames“, they started doing their website design. Three years later, I have hung up my Chick Clicker persona but am happy to say that I still have Jill and Mattison in my life and I am thrilled to be photographing their wedding next month.

If you know me, then you know I am an avid dog lover so some of my attention at this couple’s E session was centered on their three adorable pooches, Toluca, Sherman and Quincy. I mean, how could I resist these faces???

Congratulations, Mattison and Jill, on your engagement (finally) and your long awaited wedding. It will be an amazing celebration.

If you’d like to see all of the photos from Jill and Mattison’s engagement session, please click HERE (yup, it’s password protected, so you’ll need to get the password from the couple!)

Katie and Barbie’s E session

CUTE doesnt even begin to describe this couple. I mean, Katie and Barbie? Even their names are sweet! You can’t help but smile when they smile and giggle when they giggle. And, in photographing their Engagement session last week, we all did alot of smiling and giggling!

Accompanied by their two large (and strong!) dogs, the couple came over from New York and we attempted a leisurely stroll and portrait session in Oakledge Park. Ha ha. NOT! Their babies were a bit of a handful, but we had some fun and made some great pictures, and everyone was happy.

I’ll be over in Lake George to photograph Katie and Barbie’s wedding in August and I don’t think the dogs will be attending, so I’m happy that they got to have their day in front of the camera. I’m looking forward, however, to doing some beautiful portraits of this couple, when they aren’t being pulled along by 200 pounds of playful puppy energy!

Enjoy the slideshow!

If you’d like to see all of Katie and Barbie’s engagement photos, just get the password from them and then click HERE

Rob and Michael’s Wedding

Rob and Michael’s wedding brought my 2011 season to a close and it was the most perfect celebration to end with. I love this couple so much and I was thrilled that they picked me to photograph their day. Theirs is definitely a love story to be told in pictures and I hope I did them justice!

It was a destination wedding for the Maryland couple and about 40 friends and family members also traveled with them to the tiny town of Brookfield, Vermont for the event. Their church ceremony was held in Randolph and then the reception back in Brookfield at Ariel’s Restaurant (one of the state’s best kept culinary secrets!!!) The dinner was extraordinary, as were the entertaining and heartfelt toasts by friends and the amazing after dinner acoustic trio Bow Thayer and Holy Plow.

Michael and Rob rented “Ye old Forkshop“, the coolest 1815 guest house–across from the equally as cool Green Trails Inn-so I had a ball shooting all of the memorabilia hanging on the walls. The house actually sits on the lake, right next to the famous Brookfield “floating bridge.”

The couple had to leave their German shepherds back in MD but they brought them in spirit by way of their suspenders and socks (as well as their cake topper!)

Their rings were gorgeous, designed with apple trees on the outside, to symbolize the ever growing nature of their relationship. It was the central theme of the whole wedding and all of the details were special lovely.

The best part of Michael and Rob is that they definitely like to have fun AND they have a great joint sense of humor…

Try not to smile through this recap of their day, to Ray Lamontagne‘s You are the Best Thing:

If you’d like to see all of Michael and Rob’s wedding photos, contact them for the password and then click HERE