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October, 2010:

Lizzy and Ben’s wedding

Lizzy and Ben were married on the most beautiful Saturday afternoon, September 18, at the All Souls Interfaith Gathering in Shelburne. I have known Lizzy’s parents for years and I was so pleased when they asked me to be the photographer for such an important family milestone. There’s always some added stress when working for folks you know, and I wanted everything to be perfect so not to embarrass my myself. Thankfully, the day couldn’t have been better, I had no clothing malfunctions (once a summer is quite enough!) and with the help of my awesome 2nd shooter, Jen Kiewit, it was one of my favorite weddings of the season.

Look at this beautiful couple!

There were so many sweet little details… and both Jen and I couldnt stop making pictures of Lizzy’s blue shoes. (complete with a sixpence in the shoe for luck)

Ben is such a DUDE…

Ooh, I love this…

Come on, Lizzy, do a spin for me!

Jen’s photo of this “Sound of Music” moment is so fun…

Wahoo, we’re married!!

Ok, so how cute is this???

Toasts brought both laughter and tears!

A beautiful night allowed the band to play outdoors in a kind of ampitheater. It was awesome!

…and you’ve got to love a couple who decides to forgo a wedding cake for cider donuts!

….NOW, check out this fun slideshow of many more of my favorites!

You can see all 800 plus pictures fromLizzy and Ben’s big day by clicking here (but you need to have the secret password so check with the bridal couple!)

Playing with Barbie

I recently had the honor of working with Vermont author Tanya Stone on her just released new book about “BARBIE, The Good, The Bad and The Barbie”. Tanya is an enormous talent, a prolific chldren’s author, and this book is a non-fiction read for middle schoolers and older on how Barbie has affected our culture.  I loved it! It’s been published by Viking Children’s Books , a division of Penguin Publishing and I was hired to shoot the cover and all of the inside illustrations. How cool, right?

Now, anyone who knows me would certainly believe that I NEVER played with Barbies as a kid so this seemed like an unlikely subject for me to get excited about.  BUT, that was before I was introduced to the Barbie collection owned by Shelburne resident Peter Harrigan.  By day, Peter is a professor of Fine Arts at St. Mike’s College, but by night, Peter is a HUGE Barbie collector, who travels across the country to conventions to add to his Barbie bonanza.  He and his partner even have a room in their home to display all the dolls (which I have yet to get over and see in all it’s glory!)

On a cold winter day, Tanya, Peter and I got down to the business of playing Barbie at my Burlington studio. Peter supplied all of the dolls, props and accessories– it’s all in the accessories, ya know! We had Barbies from virtually every culture and country in the world; boxes and boxes of dolls from domestic Barbies to Working girl Barbies, to Celebrity Barbies (Rosie O’Donnell was my favorite!), and of course, KEN and all of the other boys for Barbie to flirt with!! Really, it was quite a site!

Eight hours later, we wrapped up the session and called it a day. I still had the cover and a few other shots to make elsewhere, but the bulk of the work was done, and my inaugural Barbie Play Date was over. Here are some of the highlights:



Here comes the Bride…


I wanted Barbie and Ken to get a little naughty. I mean, they had been dating for how long?



I love this next image. When I saw the weight of “110”on the bathroom scale, I just had to photograph it! I think the last time I weighed that I 10-yrs-old!


Check out Ken, the resident Sherpa for Barbie and her friends!



In the Next photo, Tanya wanted to show how Barbie’s waist line has grown (though, not much!) since the early anorexic days…

barbie141 (1)

The Little Black Dress never goes out of style!




On the left is the original Barbie in the original packaging; On the right are some of the “mod” 70’s dolls:


The working girls….



I had to include this. It’s a photo of my daughter, now 16 yrs old, wearing the ballet outfit that actually arrived on a LIFE SIZE Barbie, sent to her from her grandfather! It’s one thing to have a few of your child’s naked Barbies in your shower; it’s another to have a life size naked Barbie sit at the dinner table at night!


And, finally, below, is my “Bad Girl” Barbie, a gift from Peter Harrigan, posing with MY two favorite dolls. My What The Duck represents my present (notice the camera) and the Herman Munster represents my past (Yes, my favorite doll as a child was a Herman Munster puppet!). I’m not sure if thre “bad girl” represents my future, but you never know!


Sarah and Tony

Sarah and Tony were married in a garden ceremony at the Inn at The Mountain followed by a dinner and dancing reception at the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Spruce Lodge. It was quite the international guest list, as Tony’s family traveled from both Latin America and Ireland to attend. The menu included sirloin and Veuve Clicquot Brut and ended, not with the cutting of the cake, but with the cracking of the Creme Brulee!

Sarah was a vision in her wedding dress (made by her mother with love!) and Tony was equally as handsome in his tux and yellow rose boutonniere. Furthermore, the love in their eyes when they shared their vows with each other produced tears from many in the audience! It was a beautiful ceremony.

I could keep writing but, as always, my pictures speak volumes compared to my words, so here’s a slideshow of some of the highlights of this lovely early September day in Stowe:

If you’d like to see all of the photos from Sarah and Tony’s wedding, click HERE. You will need to get the password from the bridal couple to enter this photo gallery!