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June, 2010:

Justin and Tiffany’s wedding

Justin and Tiffany were married at All Souls Interfaith Gathering on June 12, and it was a “picture perfect” day–slightly overcast, not too warm and the previous day’s massive rainstrom a distant memory from the bridal couple.

Tiffany worked on so many details of this wedding, it was hard for me to believe she was still standing when the ceremony started. But  the effort did not go unnoticed and everything was gorgeous.  I loved it all– from the orange crinoline under Tiffany’s  wedding dress to the personalized bride and groom pens she left at each place setting.  The food was scrumtuous (Thanks to Catering By Dale!) and the funky music (the Phil Abair Band) kept the guests dancing until the school busses on site brought everyone back to the hotel at the end of the night.

Here’s a peak at a few of my favorite photos from the day and a really fun video slideshow follows with much much more to see!

To see all the photos from Justin and Tiffany’s wedding day, please click HERE. You will need to get the gallery password from the bridal couple!

PS: This wedding was brought to you by some GREAT vendors:

Catering: Catering By Dale
Bar: Bevo

Flowers: Richard Corbett (802-865-4788-no website)

Band: The Phil Abair Band 

venue: All Souls Interfaith Gathering

…and your photo staff: Karen Pike and my awesome assistant Jen Kiewit

Girls on the run!

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont is one of the main sponsors of Girls on The Run and also one of my main clients, so each year, I photograph for them the big GIRLS ON THE RUN 5k race at Essex Junction Fairgrounds.  AND, each year the event gets larger and larger. It is amazing to see how many hundreds of young Vermont girls are participating in this (national) program, created for pre-teens to promote self respect and healthy lifestyles through running.

After a couple of hours of face painting, stocking up on hair accessories (donated by Goody) and warming up, all runners come to the start line. They all wear the Number 1 on their shirt, because they are all NUMBER 1 just for participating. And at the end of the race, each runner gets a medal (donated by national sponsor New Balance shoes), which they wear proudly around their necks.

I love blogging about this event and showing off some of the amazing young women I get to photograph….

The first place finisher…


The Hinesburg girls!!!

If you’d like to see all the photos from this event or order pictures, please click HERE

Lizzie and Ben-from past to future

Lizzie and Ben are getting married next September and I can’t wait for their wedding. I have known Lizzie’s parents for years and I am just so excited to be a part of the celebration. For their engagement session, we started shooting pictures in and around my studio (you all know how much I love the train tracks and the bright red wall of a nearby old building) but then we thought it would be fun to spend some time in UPSTAIRS ANTIQUES across the street. I had never been there and Lizzie and Ben were psyched to go snooping through the dusty shelves in search of some treasures.

And it was full of treasures-both the store and the photo ops! Ben and Lizzie were particularly taken with an antique Ski lift and I couldnt resist making oodles of photos of this beautiful couple reflected in the ornate old mirrors hanging on the wall.

We ended our session with some lovely and romantic lake side portraits and then I sent the couple on their way until I see them again next Fall. Congratulations, Lizzie and Ben!!! Have a great summer…

If you’d like to see all the photos from Lizzie and Ben’s engagement photo session, please click HERE

Love Makes a Family

Tiffany and Lee are getting married on July 4 in Middlebury. “Are you coming to our wedding”? their 4-year-old daughter Ellie asked me. “I’m the flower girl!” she beamed with delight. And then I beamed with delight, too!

We had a ball running all over Oakledge Park for their engagement photo session last week, the whole time Ellie asking, “Can I take off my clothes and go in the water now?” And it would have been perfect, but when Ellie slipped in the water and scraped her bottom, there was nothing we could do to console her…. Until we ate ice cream, that is!

After the ice cream, tears all dried and Ellie’s bottom feeling a little less sore, We continued our session outside my studio. Ellie decided that she, too, needed to take pictures, so she borrowed one of my toy cameras and finished the day by taking some shots of her moms. You HAVE to watch this slideshow to the end to see these precious images of the budding photographer at work!

And, yes, Ellie, I wouldnt miss your wedding for the world. It WILL be one of the highlights of my summer.

If you’d like to see all of the photos from their Engagement session, please click HERE. YOu will need to get the password from Tiffany and Lee.